Nationalist Ideologies and the Production of National Cultures


SKU: 9780913167359
Editor: Fox, Richard G
Publication Date: 01/01/1990
Publisher: American Anthropological Association
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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This book uses the frame of “nationalist ideologies” to refer to sets of cultural meanings that are often labeled “nationalisms,” “subnational identities,” and “ethnic nationalisms.” The concept of national ideologies encompasses the production of conceptions of peoplehood, emphasizing how ethnicity, racial identity, and nationalism create public identity. This directs the reader to look at the different ways in which people conceive themselves or are conceived of by others and helps the reader investigate the processes by which these ideas develop, alter, and intergrade in real life. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction by Richard G Fox An Innocent Abroad: How Mulla Daoud Was Lost and Found in Lebanon, or the Politics of Ethnic Theater in a Nation at War by Judith L Goldstein Context and Consciousness: Local Conditions for the Production of Historical and National Thought among Hutu Refugees in Tanzania by Liisa Malkki Hindu Nationalism in the Making, or the Rise of the Hindian by Richard G Fox The Production and Defense of “the Romanian Nation,” 1900 to World War II by Katherine Verdery Nationalism, Traditionalism, and the Problem of Cultural Inauthenticity by Brackette F Williams The Politics of Heritage in Contemporary Isreal by Virginia R Dominguez Failed Nationalist Movements in 19th-Century Guatemala: A Parable for the Third World by Carol A Smith