My Life Being A Sensitive


SKU: 9781732972933
Author: Parkland, Thadeus
Publication Date: 10/06/2020
Publisher: P1press
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Henry Notenburg, or Hank as his friends called him, never asked for the gift he carried; the ability to sense spiritual energy from other planes. Many years of physical danger, anxiety, and sorrow in his life was due to his sensitivity.

Hank learned early on; he shouldn’t tell people about his conversations with the spirit world. Speaking about what the spirits were up to rarely went well for him, especially when he shared too much. These interactions with the dead led to heartbreak as his lovers struggled with the phenomena invading their lives.

Discovering his ancestors, playing with spiritual worlds they didn’t understand, opened a gateway they could not have predicted the outcome. It would become Hank’s duty to bring the spirit’s rage to an end. Always pushing forward, his goal was to have a life free from his night terrors. He would suffer through multiple visits from nocturnal demons; three times, they would attempt to stop him without success. Would their fourth visit be his demise?

Hank must find a way to clean this up; he just doesn’t know-how.