Mx: Mx Gender Neutral Non Binary notebook with dot grid paper pages


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Mx Gender Neutral Non Binary notebook, journal, diary. Mr? Mrs? Miss? Ms? If you don’t identity with these binary gender or biological sex titles, use Mx. Great gift to support Gender Neutral Identity and educate the public to the new honorific, Mx. Similar to Ms created because a woman’s title should not define her marital status, the all inclusive Mx has been created for those who do not want their title to define them as male or female. Use this unique notebook to support genderqueer rights. Dot grid pattern. Dot grid paper is very flexible and can be used for design, creating your own bullet style journals, drawing, pen and paper games and many more purposes. Many people like the simplicity of connecting the dots to make boxes, tables and so on. Some people prefer to write on dot grid paper. 6″ x 9″, 120 pages, matte cover.