Move Your Company from Good to Great: 30 Proven Principles To Increase Your Company Productivity


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Author: Benjamin, Horowitz
Publication Date: 08/02/2023
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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The Book “MOVE YOUR COMPANY FROM GOOD TO GREAT” discusses thirty essential habits that can transform a company from being merely good to achieving greatness. These habits cover various aspects of organizational functioning, ranging from visionary leadership and data-driven decision-making to fostering a customer-centric culture and embracing innovation. Each habit is succinctly explained, and real-world examples of successful companies that have demonstrated these habits are provided. This short book emphasizes the significance of incorporating these transformative habits into the corporate ethos to propel companies towards unparalleled success and impact in their respective industries.

The content serves as a valuable resource for companies and aspiring leaders seeking to make a profound impact and unlock their true potential by adopting transformative habits that move them from being good to truly great.