More Efficient Utilization of Fish and Fisheries Products: Volume 42


SKU: 9780080444505
Author: Sakaguchi, M
Publication Date: 05/18/2004
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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This international symposium allowed many researchers and industrial representatives to meet and discuss a broad spectrum of information such as zero emission, resources availability, sustainable utilization of resources, bioactive and functional components in aquatic organisms, utilization of wastes, seafood quality, surimi technologies and processing and safety. The book aims: To provide a current record presented in the international symposium More Efficient Utilization of Fish and Fisheries Products, 7-10 October 2001, Kyoto, Japan; To provide a stimulus to researchers in this area to cross-fertilize ideas and demonstrate examples of success; To enhance values and returns to fisheries fields in national and international terms by providing descriptions of better techniques and methods for utilizing the catch, reducing waste, and providing valuable by-products.