Modern Sustainable Techniques in Total Synthesis of Bioactive Natural Products


SKU: 9789811268687
Author: Majhi, Sasadhar Mandal, Bhubaneswar
Publication Date: 05/31/2023
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Modern Sustainable Techniques in Total Synthesis of Bioactive Natural Products comprises five parts for green tools, such as ultrasonic waves, microwave heating, visible-light photochemistry, organic electrochemistry, and flow chemistry, along with 72 chapters for each bioactive molecule of natural origin. Each chapter explores the natural source, structure, systematic name, structural features, compound class, biological activity, conventional approaches for their chemical synthesis, and demerit(s) of conventional approaches (where applicable). Finally, critical features of total synthesis using modern sustainable techniques, including reaction types, synthetic strategy, and synthetic route utilizing modern sustainable tools for each bioactive natural product and secondary metabolites, are discussed brilliantly. The spectrum of application of total synthesis of bioactive natural products using modern sustainable techniques may promote the development of more eco-friendly synthetic processes so that the next generations can live on this planet with a minimum energy requirement for chemical reactions with the least pollution.

  • Provides a solid idea about modern sustainable techniques
  • Contains five parts and 72 chapters for a green approach to the total synthesis
  • A valuable resource for synthetic organic chemists, biochemists, and those working in the pharmaceutical industry