Modern Coconut Management: Palm Cultivation and Products


SKU: 9781853394676
Editor: Ohler, J G
Publication Date: 12/15/1999
Publisher: Intermediate Technology Publications
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Modern Coconut Management is aimed at guiding those who work with small-scale farmers and farmer groups through the complex area of coconut management. It will also be of value to the many processors and others whose livelihoods depend on coconuts. The emphasis is on the need for training and education of coconut smallholders in how to become good managers, using appropriate techiniques and materials. The book combines the wealth of information that exists in this area with new research in diseases and pests and breeding techniques to improve crop performance. The book also deals with coconut-based farming systems in which many aspects of the combination of coconuts with other crops and/or animals are discussed. Equally important are the processing techniques which are vital to the survival of the coconut industry. A section of the book is devoted to post-harvest treatment, processing and research where the many new developments in the processing of coconut products are discussed. Fully illustrated, including 80 colour illustrations.