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Author: Anson, Aaron
Publication Date: 05/05/2011
Publisher: Balboa Press
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


A brave and deeply personal memoir of one man’s quest to rise above the the political and religious rhetoric that had divided and diminished the human spirit for thousands of years. Aaron Anson engagingly writes about his own experiences of growing up a black gay Christian in a deeply religious South. Battling for years with depression and the inner turmoil of not being accepted as gay by a religion that espoused self-hate and a society that condoned hating others-he chose not to question his taught religious teaching and struggled instead with the inherent feeling of knowing he was gay while longing to be considered a Christian. Confused and conflicted with the ambiguous messages of conditional love by the church, he married and fathered two children hopeful that his knowing of being gay would dissipate and relieve the tremendous burden he secretly harbored for many years. After suffering acute bouts of anger, bitterness and the frustration of three failed marriages he would eventually be forced to reckon the conditional love perpetuated by his religion and its departure from the authentic love he inherently felt for himself and others. The profound endeavor to reconcile the two, sets Anson out on a life-enhancing and thought-provoking journey to discover the encompassing and authentic love we all once knew as our original source. Anson assertively portrays an uncorrupted universal love and acceptance as our inherent birthright and explores the connection with our spirituality, sexuality, and morality. Anson tell his story with sublime prose and grace with inquisitive insight of our human sexuality. His story is beautifully rendered in a way that really hits home and told in a way that you will not soon forget.