Mastering Mlops Architecture: From Code to Deployment: Manage the Production Cycle of Continual Learning ML Models with Mlops


SKU: 9789355519498
Author: Jhajj, Raman
Publication Date: 01/14/2024
Publisher: Bpb Publications
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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MLOps, a combination of DevOps, data engineering, and machine learning, is crucial for delivering high-quality machine learning results due to the dynamic nature of machine learning data. This book delves into MLOps, covering its core concepts, components, and architecture, demonstrating how MLOps fosters robust and continuously improving machine learning systems. By covering the end-to-end machine learning pipeline from data to deployment, the book helps readers implement MLOps workflows. It discusses techniques like feature engineering, model development, A/B testing, and canary deployments. The book equips readers with knowledge of MLOps tools and infrastructure for tasks like model tracking, model governance, metadata management, and pipeline orchestration. Monitoring and maintenance processes to detect model degradation are covered in depth.