Mass Production, the Stock Market Crash, and the Great Depression: The Macroeconomics of Electrification


SKU: 9780313299209
Author: Beaudreau, Bernard C
Publication Date: 10/21/1996
Publisher: Greenwood
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Economists and historians have viewed the events of the 1920s, the stock market boom and crash, the Great Depression and the New Deal, as largely independent events. This work provides an integrated view of this important period arguing that all of these events were the result of the electrification of U.S. industry from 1910 to 1926. The author goes from electrification through the stock market boom to the tariffs of the late 20s to the stock market crash and depression followed by the National Industrial Recovery Act in 1933. The conclusion is that the NIRA is an attempt to correct the imbalance between production and consumption caused by industrial electrification.