Marriage Manual for Former Homosexuals


SKU: 9781946794314
Author: Philpott, Kent A
Publication Date: 11/01/2021
Publisher: Earthen Vessel Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Sexuality in humans is an intended and basic element in creation. God made man and woman; God made sex. These basic tenets of biblical faith form the core of a theology of marriage. Marriage is the context of human sexuality, invented not by man but by God.

By God’s Spirit, genuine conversion places each of us into Christ. Paul says we are a new creature (2 Corinthians 5:17); we are made new in Christ. All the problems have not been cleared up, but from God’s point of view, we are saints. A gay person who trusts Christ as Savior can break out of the homosexual label. It is not adopting a heterosexual label, but rather it is identifying with Christ.

The kind of marriage relationship referred to here can only happen when two people freely choose to be committed to and involved with each other. It means making a decision to work out problems and overcome disagreements. It means growing together bit by bit, persevering in love when it appears separation is possible.

We do not promote “conversion therapy,” and neither did the Love In Action ministry. In the 1970s, when few were proud to be gay, there were those who wanted out of that life. Despite the pride movement, there are still those who want out of the gay lifestyle, even some of those who marched in gay parades in San Francisco. For many, the gay life is not very gay at all.Few know the battle, the wrestling against powerful bodily forces plus the schemes of the devil, like those who seek to honor their Lord Jesus and turn from sexual sin. There are stories of people who have fallen away and gotten mired once again in homosexuality. Yet, there are the stories of many who turned their eyes upon Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit have resisted the wiles of their enemy, Satan. May this be so for those who examine this volume.

Now, fifty-two years after writing the Marriage Manual for Former Homosexuals as a thesis for a DMin degree at San Francisco Theological Seminary (Presbyterian, USA), in San Anselmo, California, it has come time for its publication.

Contains explicit sexual language.