Market & Sell yourself, products, and services like a pineapple: The Pineapple Theory presents


SKU: 9781738834518
Author: Pineapple
Publication Date: 07/22/2023
Publisher: Pineapple Theory
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Not limited with the inspirational book:

Cultivate a powerful and fruitful entrepreneurial mindset.
Cultivate self-confidence and a self-reflective mind to overcome obstacles with calculated risk with principles that works.
Serve the importance of making others shine to lift yourself and make you shine.

Fear less, do more. You have dreams and you deserve to live them.

If this book does not inspire you with a single positive insight, thought, and/or lead to solutions with the power of a pineapple fruit, what will?

My wish with this book is to provide you with insightful inspirations, valuable tools, and principles that will serve to market & sell yourself, your products, and/or services like a pineapple, making you a better version of yourself, a more engaging leader, and a more prosperous salesperson.

The pineapple fruit serves as a analogy, metaphor, and symbol of positivity for a more fruitful reading experience.

Theoretically, what if adding a pineapple to your life, leadership, and business recipes could assist living more happily, together?