Managing the Development of New Products: Achieving Speed and Quality Simultaneously Through Multifunctional Teamwork


SKU: 9780471291831
Author: Rosenau, Milton D Moran, John J
Publication Date: 09/16/1993
Publisher: Wiley
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Today’s competitive marketplace demands high quality and a fasttrack from drawing board to finished product. This guide shows howcompanies can gain a competitive edge by applying powerful projectmanagement tools to the product development process. The authorsfocus on speed to market, quality management, profitability, andmultifunctional teamwork. They provide tools for handling thetechnical concerns of project development and maintenance, as wellas people-related issues such as team motivation and the demands oftop management. Particular attention is given to saving time andstreamlining performance with the latest project managementsoftware. Chapters on everything from start-up to completion coverhow to:
* Define the new product project aims and goals
* Create a market-based specification for a new or modified productor service
* Plan, develop, and schedule projects
* Break down the work structure for a project
* Manage people for maximum performance
* Monitor projects effectively from start to finish
* Make the right trade-offs when resources are limited
* Minimize risks and set up effective contingency plans
* Determine when changes are needed and adopt them smoothly
A step-by-step plan is provided for all the members of the productdevelopment team, including marketing, engineering, manufacturing, and other personnel. Strategies cover how to organize the productproject team and product support team, complete with tips onassigning tasks, coordinating functions, and subcontracting.Detailed guidelines on how to be a successful project manageraddress control, communication, and conflict resolution. Alsodiscussed is how to monitor project progress, including preparingreports and conducting project reviews. Many practical examplesshow how to apply the book’s techniques in real-world situations.Managing the Development of New Products is essential reading fornew product development team members at all levels, includingmarketing, engineering, and manufacturing personnel. Professors andstudents in departments of business management or engineeringmanagement will also find the book valuable.