Managing Information Quality: Increasing the Value of Information in Knowledge-Intensive Products and Processes (2006)


SKU: 9783540314080
Author: Eppler, Martin J
Publication Date: 07/06/2006
Publisher: Springer
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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It still holds true: information is not always the answer. Information is often part of the problem. While the main goal of information in the business place is to – able adequate decisions and actions, it can also lead to numerous negative effects: it can confuse, block creativity, or it can lead to hectic activism, stress and fatigue. Information can distract and divert attention, and it may even delay important – cisions – the paralysis by analysis. Strategies to avoid these dysfunctional effects of information can be divided into sender-based strategies and receiver-based strategies. In my previous research, I have looked at receiver-based strategies that outline effective ways of dealing with information overload. This book, by c- trast, analyzes sender-based strategies that aim at making content actionable by increasing its information quality. By offering relevant and sound information in a convenient and reliable manner, managers and information providers ranging from analysts to CEOs can not only optimize communication, they can also improve their reputation, employee satisfaction and customer loyalty. In a time where – formation has become a commodity or even a nuisance, this is a valuable strategy. The main premise of this book is consequently that information quality has – ready become a (if not the) decisive factor of the information economy. Many companies, however, are not managing this factor systematically.