Making Design Fun: Product Designs for Children


SKU: 9781864709377
Editor: Images Publishing
Publication Date: 12/01/2024
Publisher: Images Shenyang
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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– Famous design studios/designers, such as nendo, BleepBleeps, Charlotte Brocard, KIDS DESIGN LABO(KDL), among many others, offer the wealth of their experience, brand expertize, design tips, and trends in products designed for children – Analyzes and presents the global trends and creative designs of more than 80 children’s products, including toys, stationery, clothes, tableware, sports equipment, furniture, technology products, and much more – Each project includes the insight and ideas of each designer/design studio, drawn together with richly illustrated pages of stunning photographs, including detailed sketches and diagrams Engaging a child or dealing with tantrums is always a knotty challenge at the best of times, but great product design for kids need not be a knotty challenge. Inspired and creative designers consider not only the practical functions and safety features of products for children, they work on creating designs that understand children’s needs and making products that also help them learn and have fun. Making Design Fun: Product Designs for Children draws on a wide range of detailed case studies that showcase the latest emerging product design techniques and trends from around the globe. Over 60 designers analyze how to design fun, engaging, and practical children’s products that appeal to both little ones and their guardians alike, focusing on how to integrate great design aesthetics with child psychology and safety. This beautifully presented and highly illustrated volume looks across a huge range of ideas for toys, stationery, clothing, tableware, sports equipment, furniture, technology products, and so much more. This book is suitable for all creatives who are committed to designing child-friendly, accessible, fun, and inspiring products for children.