Make Products That Matter: How to Use Research, Testing and Experiments in Product Development


SKU: 9789063696849
Author: Sharp, Chloe
Publication Date: 05/07/2024
Publisher: Bis Publishers
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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You want to make products that matter. Products that strike a chord with your target audience. To do that, you will need to connect with customers and users to get their feedback. Sounds easy enough, but figuring out the right research methods for product development can be complex. That’s where this book comes in.

“Make Products That Matter” helps you navigate the entire product lifecycle, considering everything from organisational growth, popular frameworks like lean startup, product-market fit, design thinking, and innovation.

It’s a practical guide explaining which research methods work best at different product lifecycle stages. Additionally, it provides insights on how to maintain and apply these insights effectively.

– Get the tools you need to build innovative products and toolkits

– Learn how to keep insights and research at the forefront of product development

– Your go-to reference, guiding you from ideation to post-launch.