Love on the Brain


SKU: 9781946302717
Author: Diamond, Delaney
Publication Date: 11/18/2022
Publisher: Delaney Diamond
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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A collection of short romantic fiction–two short stories and two novellas.

A Taxicab Connection. Immediately after a painful break up, Erica meets a man who makes her feel much better. Could he be her next love?

Prince Kofi. Before Princess of Zamibia, Prince Kofi Karunzika traveled to the United States and fell in love with Dahlia Sommers. The woman who would capture his heart, become his bride, and the mother to his heirs.

Thirty Minutes. On the way to finalize their divorce, José and Yolanda Benitez find themselves trapped in the building’s elevator. By the time the doors open thirty minutes later, they have a decision to make–continue with the divorce, or start again.

Happily Ever After in Hopevale. After Almost Perfect, Hunter Miller and Sable Devereaux settle in Hopevale, Georgia and discover that one of their neighbors needs their help. Soon they’re caught in a life and death situation that threatens their happily ever after.