Lose your old scissors: 52 Blocks to build the Castle of Personal Productivity


SKU: 9789356489028
Author: Satish, P S
Publication Date: 12/30/2023
Publisher: Clever Fox Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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I am a Corporate Trainer and Mentor for Industries, Individuals, and Institutions. I have shared in this book aspects related to enhancing personal productivity to lead yourself, which I have personally used over the years. 52 Chapters signify 52 weeks of the year. Each of 52 individual flowers represents personal productivity ideas and practices, making a bouquet. A wonderful present you can give yourself.

This book is for you, if the answer is YES for any one of the following questions –

-Do you want to achieve more and be successful in your life and career?

-Are you curious to know ways to enhance your personal productivity to be a better version of yourself?

-Do you want to lead a more fulfilled life?

-Are you keen to exploit your potential and capability fully?

-Do you want to be more effective in your work?

-How can you incorporate daily practices and reflections to enhance your competencies?

-Do you feel that you can do more than what you are doing now?