Lights, Camera, Impact: Storytelling, Branding, and Production Tips for Engaging Corporate Videos


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Author: Gnau, Tony
Publication Date: 11/15/2022
Publisher: T60 Productions
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Uncover and reveal your company’s stories to create great results-using corporate videos.

Whether you are in marketing or internal communications, it’s crucial to tell your company’s story in a digital media world that can’t get enough video content. But what video content actually creates a connection and an impact with your audience?

Three-time Emmy Award-winner Tony Gnau wrote Lights, Camera, Impact to help you produce better videos that get your message across every time. Make every video-production dollar count with his short storytelling tips for digital marketing and internal communication professionals. You’ll learn DIY shooting suggestions for work you do without the video pros. This guide gives you the insights from top thought leaders in corporate communication in order to create a solid video-marketing plan.

You’ll discover

  • The core videos for video marketing success, including “About Us” videos.
  • The best marketing strategy to ensure customers watch videos and take action.
  • What to do before and after video production is complete to maximize results.
  • How to add music for impact and making the most of client testimonials.
  • When a DIY video is the best media choice, like when your audience opposes big companies or you’re a small business.

Whether you’re making a DIY video inside your company or hiring a production company to create it, Lights, Camera, Impact will enhance your video skills so you’ll be certain your messages are hitting home. Get your copy today!