Letters to a GAY BLACK BOY


SKU: 9781087910581
Author: Dyer, Terry
Publication Date: 07/15/2020
Publisher: Terry Dyer
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Letters to a GAY BLACK BOY takes an in-depth look into the life and development of Terry DeWayne Dyer. From the first to the last letter, he shares his journey with the world. The struggle with finding ourselves can be daunting and challenging. Often times people suffer in silence while creating their paths. He provides us with an authentic, raw, and emotional ride to finding himself. As the world continues to battle racial injustices on numerous levels, Letters to a GAY BLACK BOY shares a unique perspective so often not discussed. Motivated by homosexuality, race, family, and love, his first book sparks an inspiring and much needed conversation with our community. This stirring book will surely make you laugh and cry as each letter grabs your attention from the beginning to the end with sincerity.

In society we generally shy away from sensitive matters and taboo subjects. Letters to a GAY BLACK BOY provides the space for honest and open conversations. The book sheds light on difficult journeys giving the reader permission to own their truth.