Leather Blues: A Novel of Leatherfolk


SKU: 9781890834029
Author: Fritscher, Jack
Publication Date: 02/06/2011
Publisher: Palm Drive Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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By the author of the award-winning leather history GAY SAN FRANCISCO, SOME DANCE TO REMEMBER: A MEMOIR-NOVEL OF SAN FRANCISCO 1970-1982, and MAPPLETHORPE: ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY CAMERA. LEATHER BLUES is a coming-out story of a rogue boy eager to lean the ropes and rituals of leathermen. This exquisitely crafted novel of initiation into bikes, bears, and man-to-man BDSM, pulls no punches when Denny Sargent begins the Inferno rites of passage leathermen must courageously endure to seal their special male bonding. LEATHER BLUES is an intimately sophisticated odyssey of hard-balling sex, of untender mercies, and of the night-hawks men call “Riders of the Storm.” Leather Roots: Jack Fritscher specializes in writing about the Sexual Infinity of Leather. He is the pioneer leather author who was the founding San Francisco editor of the legendary DRUMMER magazine, the lover of photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, and the longtime personal friend of leather icons Larry Townsend and Sam Steward (Phil Andros). He has won many awards including two National Leather Association-International Literary Awards, the Pantheon of Leather Award, and the Erotic Authors Association Lifetime Achievement Award. Critics have praised Leather Blues as a classic in the “required reading” of leather literature. Bottoms have come out on it. Tops have pushed their skills. Readers curious about the leather scene come off safely imagining themselves as fantasy players. “No one chronicles the shadow-lands of American masculinity better than Jack Fritscher.” –Mark Thompson, author, Leatherfolk “If Kenneth Anger had written an SM novel after making his biker-orgy film Scorpio Rising, it would be Leather Blues. Jack Fritscher is the master of gay leather fiction.” –Larry Townsend, author, The Leatherman’s Handbook “Leather Blues is…terse and concentrated….distills the 1960s leather-biker-outlaw sex scene in just 91 memorable pages….Fritscher, one of the great Drummer magazine editors, seems to have been everywhere and done everyone during the ‘good old days’ of leather culture.” –david stein, author, Boots, Bondage, and Beatings “Jack Fritscher is an anarchist of gay sexual prose, the man who invented the South of Market leather prose style.” –John F. Karr, Bay Area Reporter, San Francisco