Learn Production Control in MS Dynamics 365 F & O

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Author: Pjp, Innoware
Publication Date: 03/02/2023
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Learn Production Control in MS Dynamics 365 F & O

Production control is a critical function in manufacturing operations that involves planning, scheduling, and monitoring the production processes to ensure that products are manufactured efficiently and meet customer demand. MS Dynamics 365 F & O provides robust production control features that enable organizations to manage their production processes effectively and efficiently. In this article, we will provide an overview of production control in MS Dynamics 365 F & O.

The book covers the following topics:

1. Introduction
1.1 Overview of production control in MS Dynamics 365 F & O
1.2 Importance of production control in manufacturing operations

2. Basic Concepts
2.1 Introduction to manufacturing processes and workflows
2.2 Overview of production control processes
2.3 Basic concepts of production planning and scheduling
2.4 Understanding demand forecasting and capacity planning

3. Master Data Management
3.1 Overview of master data management in production control
3.2 Setting up production resources and capabilities
3.3 Configuring work centers, machines, and tools
3.4 Defining production routes and operations

4. Production Planning
4.1 Overview of production planning in MS Dynamics 365 F & O
4.2 Creating and managing production orders
4.3 Understanding bill of materials (BOM) and routings
4.4 Production order scheduling and capacity planning
4.5 Production order cost estimation

5. Production Execution
5.1 Overview of production execution in MS Dynamics 365 F & O
5.2 Material requirement planning and inventory management
5.3 Production order release and dispatch
5.4 Shop floor control and monitoring
5.5 Quality control and inspection

6. Production Performance Analysis
6.1 Overview of production performance analysis in MS Dynamics 365 F & O
6.2 Tracking production order progress and completion
6.3 Analyzing production costs and efficiencies
6.4 Generating production performance reports and dashboards
6.5 Optimizing production performance using data analytics and insights

7. Advanced Production Control Features
7.1 Overview of advanced production control features in MS Dynamics 365 F & O
7.2 Configuring lean manufacturing processes and workflows
7.3 Implementing advanced planning and scheduling (APS) algorithms
7.4 Integrating production control with other modules in MS Dynamics 365 F & O
7.5 Implementing best practices for production control in MS Dynamics 365 F & O

8. Best practices
8.1 Best practices and lessons learned from production control implementation projects