Leaf Protein: And Its By-Products in Human and Animal Nutrition (Revised)


SKU: 9780521054027
Author: Pirie, N W
Publication Date: 01/21/2008
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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This is an extensively revised second edition of N. W. Pirie’s much acclaimed earlier work, Leaf Protein and Other Aspects of Fodder Fractionation (Cambridge University Press 1978). The fibrous character and flavour of many leaf crops impede their use as green vegetables, and feeding them directly to animals is relatively inefficient. The advantages of separating a fraction for use as human food, and a residue for animal feeding, have gained recognition during the last ten years. In suitable climates, fractionating leafy material can yield more edible protein than other forms of agriculture. The book concludes with a discussion of the problems that arise when leaf protein is made and used in practice, and of the potential role of fodder fractionation in human and animal nutrition. This volume will be of practical importance to students and research workers in animal and human nutrition, agriculture and rural development, particularly those with an interest in developing countries.