Kosher Food Production 2e (Revised)


SKU: 9780813820934
Author: Blech, Zushe Yosef
Publication Date: 01/27/2009
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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The second edition of Kosher Food Production explores theintricate relationship between modern food production and relatedKosher application. Following an introduction to basic Kosher laws, theory and practice, Rabbi Blech details the essential foodproduction procedures required of modern food plants to meet Koshercertification standards. Chapters on Kosher application includeingredient management; rabbinic etiquette; Kosher for Passover; andthe industries of fruits and vegetables, baking, biotechnology, dairy, fish, flavor, meat and poultry, oils, fats, and emulsifiers, and food service. New to this edition are chapters covering Kosherapplication in the candy and confections industries and the snackfoods industry. A collection of over 50 informativecommodity-specific essays – specifically geared to thesecular audience of food scientists – then follows, givingreaders insight and understanding of the concerns behind the Kosherlaws they are expected to accommodate. Several essays new to thesecond edition are included. Kosher Food Production, SecondEdition serves as an indispensable outline of the issuesconfronting the application of Kosher law to issues of modern foodtechnology.