Knowledge Production and the Search for Epistemic Liberation in Africa (2022)


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Editor: Masaka, Dennis
Publication Date: 09/10/2022
Publisher: Springer
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Chapter. 1. Introduction

Chapter. 2. Epistemicide’ and Epistemic Emancipation in Africa – Problems and Promises

Chapter. 3. Knowledge production and the Liberation agenda in Africa

Chapter. 4. Decolonisation as self-recovery: the path to intellectual independence

Chapter. 5. Colonial legacy and knowledge production in Africa: Re-echoing the need for epistemic decolonisation

Chapter. 6. A critical exposition of ‘alternative’ site(s) of knowledge production in Africa: Decentering the African university

Chapter. 7. African Epistemic liberation through knowledge democratisation

Chapter. 8. How African Logic can dissipate the Question of Originality and Knowledge Production in Africa

Chapter. 9. Africanising Institutional Culture: What Is Possible and Plausible

Chapter. 10. ‘Africa’s Knowledge and the Quest for Epistemic Liberation in a COVID-19 Crisis

Chapter. 11. Religiosity and African Epistemology

Chapter. 12. Ukama ethic and Covid-19 pandemic: Countervailing social distancing-induced exclusive individualism in (southern) African university

Chapter. 13. African Indigenous Knowledge and the management of COVID-19 pandemic

Chapter. 14. African Knowledge Systems: Shona Paremiology in Promoting Morals, Peace and Human Security

Chapter. 15. A Yòrùbá Worldview on the Compatibility of Human and Nonhuman Animal Relations (HAR) with Environmental Sustainability