Kanban Fundamentals How To Become Insanely Productive


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Author: Pujari, Sadanand
Publication Date: 12/24/2023
Publisher: Sadanand Pujari
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Are you searching for the perfect productivity system for your startup?

First the bad news: It doesn’t exist. You’re going to have to do the work no matter what system you use.

Now the good news: Kanban is an easy-to-use and -learning system that can help avoid feeling overwhelmed by those endless To Do lists.

Kanban is a simple system for creating products based on continuous deliveries. This system originated from the Japanese manufacturing system, but you can use it to achieve more in work or your business or personal life.

Kanban is a key way to introduce lean principles in your organization. Lean can help your teams better prioritize their work and continuously improve by removing the waste from your process.

In this Book, you will learn essential lean principles and discover how to use a kanban board to help your team prioritize more effectively. Learn about starting an enterprise lean, setting up a board, optimizing your flow, and much more.