Kafka Troubleshooting in Production: Stabilizing Kafka Clusters in the Cloud and On-Premises


SKU: 9781484294895
Author: Eldor, Elad
Publication Date: 11/30/2023
Publisher: Apress
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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This book provides Kafka administrators, site reliability engineers, and DataOps and DevOps practitioners with a list of real production issues that can occur in Kafka clusters and how to solve them. The production issues covered are assembled into a comprehensive troubleshooting guide for those engineers who are responsible for the stability and performance of Kafka clusters in production, whether those clusters are deployed in the cloud or on-premises. This book teaches you how to detect and troubleshoot the issues, and eventually how to prevent them.
Kafka stability is hard to achieve, especially in high throughput environments, and the purpose of this book is not only to make troubleshooting easier, but also to prevent production issues from occurring in the first place. The guidance in this book is drawn from the author’s years of experience in helping clients and internal customers diagnose and resolve knotty production problems and stabilize their Kafka environments. The book is organized into recipe-style troubleshooting checklists that field engineers can easily follow when under pressure to fix an unstable cluster. This is the book you will want by your side when the stakes are high, and your job is on the line.
What You Will Learn

  • Monitor and resolve production issues in your Kafka clusters
  • Provision Kafka clusters with the lowest costs and still handle the required loads
  • Perform root cause analyses of issues affecting your Kafka clusters
  • Know the ways in which your Kafka cluster can affect its consumers and producers
  • Prevent or minimize data loss and delays in data streaming
  • Forestall production issues through an understanding of common failure points
  • Create checklists for troubleshooting your Kafka clusters when problems occur

Who This Book Is For
Site reliability engineers tasked with maintaining stability of Kafka clusters, Kafka administrators who troubleshoot production issues around Kafka, DevOps and DataOps experts who are involved with provisioning Kafka (whether on-premises or in the cloud), developers of Kafka consumers and producers who wish to learn more about Kafka