Just Breathe


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Author: Warren, Mike
Publication Date: 08/28/2015
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Tariq Carter is a 15 year old virgin and sophomore in high school and has the biggest crush on the school’s varsity basketball star, Hakeem Jackson. Tariq had fantasized about Hakeem since he started his freshmen year but didn’t know how to go about getting his attention. While other brothas joined the football team and basketball team, Tariq loved to swim and joined the Lincoln Park high school swimming team. Unfortunately, that still didn’t help Tariq in getting Hakeem’s attention. Therefore, because Hakeem was in the JROTC Program, Tariq decided to join the JROTC program as well. The summer of 1995 the JROTC members spent 7 weeks of training out in the woods of Chewonki Camp located in Wiscasset, Maine. While there, Tariq finally gets a chance to know Hakeem. Unfortunate circumstances bring them together but for Tariq it was well worth it.