JOY WITH ONLINE Technology PRODUCT Marketing


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Author: E, Elio
Publication Date: 08/08/2023
Publisher: Elio Endless Publishers
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Within the context of marketing, one of the most important

factors to consider is customer satisfaction, sometimes

known by its acronym, CSAT. In essence, it acts as a gauge that

determines how evectile’y a company: s goods and serlices meet or

elen exceed the expectations of its customers. Customer satisfaction

may be summed up with the fo”owing de”nition( )the number of

customers, or percentage of tota’ customers, whose reported experience

with a “rm, its products, or its serlices zratingsq, exceeds speci-

“ed satisfaction goa’s.) This de”nition captures the core of customer

satisfaction perfect’y. This concept emphasiJes how important it is to

not on’y satisfy, but rather continua”y exceed, the expectations and

wants of the priJed c’ients.Customers hale a signi”cant amount of

sway and are unOuestionab’y the essentia’ driling force behind the

success of any business. Their indilidua’ tastes, co”ectile liewpoints,

and summatile experiences