Jim Spaceboy: The Adventure Begins (Book 1)


SKU: 9781506026039
Author: Olson, Drake a Olson, Eric L
Publication Date: 02/09/2015
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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January 15, 2121 – Marathon 1 Spacecraft – Orbiting Mars – Mission: Outfit Terra Dome Outpost School children on Earth pepper Jim Spaceboy with questions. It’s his 5th birthday and, as usual, he is on the Holographic Image Transmission Unit. In a few seconds, everything will change: A loud alarm begins to blare over the Marathon 1’s intercom. “I am sorry kids, but we have to cut this short. We will talk again soon,” Tony interrupts as the images fade out and the lights come back on. “What’s going on, Tony?” Eve asks. “Stand by for Commander Spaceboy,” Tony replies in a more serious tone. “Eve, I need you and Jim to gather all of his things as quickly as you can and get to the escape pod…and take Allie with you,” Commander Spaceboy orders. “Why, James? What is going on?” Eve presses for more information. “We have comets incoming. They popped up out of nowhere. They are uncharted, likely from a collision in the asteroid field beyond the Solar System. They are coming in fast. Impact is estimated in 1 hour!” Commander Spaceboy explains. Jim Spaceboy is the first person born and raised on Mars. With his ever present humanoid friend, Allie, he soars above the planet with his jet pack and rides the mountains on his jet board.Mars is the only home he has ever known, but nothing lasts forever…