J. C. Leyendecker Gay Thug: MM Books


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Author: Studio, Homoerotic
Publication Date: 05/09/2022
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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J. C. Leyendecker’s Gay Thug by Homoerotic Studio, will be regarded as a masterpiece within the gay genre and appear on virtually every list of must-read LGBTQ books. The novel should be generally required reading in any university course dealing with queer literature. As you can imagine with its frank portrayal of same-sex love you will hear some of your wildest sexual fantasies– New York Review
J. C. Leyendecker’s Gay Thug is at the top of Best Modern Novels Written by LGBTQ Writers-Out Magazine
Gay Thug, based on the steamy real-life experience of J. C. Leyendecker, son of a heroin-addicted prostitute, this exclusive first-hand account of his life as a ruthless criminal will leave you begging for more–Dan Savage
Mr. Leyendecker’s work exists to provide the LGBTQ community with a new, Black, gay author whose voice can’t be compared to or compete with any existing or emerging author.
–Charles Martin, author of Children of Abraham

After spending 10 years in prison for a robbery gone bad, J. C. “Jay” Leyendecker is back on the streets. And as soon as his feet touch the cold concrete, he’s faced with the murderous revenge of his gang.
Using the guile and street wit that has helped him survive a lifetime of catastrophic obstacles, Jay sets out on a mission to reunite with his brother, James, and bring his enemies to their knees.
On Jay’s side is his boyfriend, Jazzman, whose loyalty to him is just as resounding as his libido, and his passion is no joke.
When Jay’s guns start to clap loud and deadly, will the hearts of his enemies tremble and fall prey? Or will other killers clap back with equal fatality?
As the drama builds at a heart-thumping pace, only one thing can stop the blood spill and bring James home safely. But will it happen in time?
What unfolds is perverse, epic, and breathtaking as J.C. Leyendecker spins an insatiable story of loyalty, greed, love, homosexuality, and calculated murder.