Integrated Nutrient Management for Sustainable Crop Production


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Editor: Aulakh, Milkha Grant, Cynthia A
Publication Date: 02/25/2008
Publisher: CRC Press
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Ideas for sustainable agricultural practices

Long-term security of the global food supply requires a balance between increasing production and environmental sustainability. Both nutrient scarcities and surpluses alike can threaten this balance. Integrated Nutrient Management for Sustainable Crop Production examines the challenges of managing both organic and inorganic nutrient sources in agricultural systems where nutrients are deficient or in excess supply. Through a combination of theoretical and applied knowledge, this collection provides a practical understanding of how any type of production system can successfully adopt integrated nutrient management (INM).

A frank and factual discussion of the challenges and possibilities INM holds, Integrated Nutrient Management for Sustainable Crop Production brings together essays and scientists from around the world. This essential text presents international case studies on the potential for continuing production with a focus on sustainability. Comprehensive and wide-ranging in its scope, this accessible book looks at many concerns central to INM–from the risks of excess supply and depletion to technological requirements for improved management. Here is a single source that not only presents a range of options for managing nutrients, but offers viable ideas for future directions as well.

Along with a wealth of informative maps, graphs, and tables, some of the topics covered in Integrated Nutrient Management for Sustainable Crop Production include: – trends in global food, feed, and fiber production and consumption – current and future challenges of nutrient depletion and excess – socio-economic factors of implementing INM – crop production and nutrient removals in harvests – monitoring soil fertility levels in the USA – agricultural production and nutrient balances in Canada – the European experience – concepts from New Zealand – technical requirements for INM in South Asia – benef