Integrated Approach to Drug Discovery and Natural Products


SKU: 9781639278701
Editor: Mount, Scarlet
Publication Date: 09/19/2023
Publisher: American Medical Publishers
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Natural products are an abundant source of various compounds for the discovery of new drugs. They are significant sources of novel drugs and good lead compounds for further modification in drug development process. The complex carbon skeletons and diverse structures of these products have resulted in an increased proportion of natural products that are being used in drug discovery. Natural products and their structural equivalents have made significant contributions to pharmacotherapy, particularly in the treatment of infectious diseases and cancer. Numerous therapeutic agents are derived from chemicals found in nature. Plant-derived medicines have been used to treat a wide range of pathological conditions. Anticancer drugs like vinblastine and taxol, and antimalarial drugs including artemisinin and quinine were discovered from natural products. This book provides comprehensive insights into drug discovery. It is compiled in such a manner, that it will provide in-depth knowledge about the role of natural products in drug discovery. This book will prove to be immensely beneficial to students and researchers in this field of research.