Insert Coin to Play: A Book on Product Design, Gamification & Monetization


SKU: 9781738710737
Author: Laframboise, Sheldon
Publication Date: 06/22/2023
Publisher: Little Raspberry Publishing House
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Unlock the secrets behind billion-dollar products with “Insert Coin to Play,” your ultimate guide to mastering the art of gamification and monetization in the digital age. Discover how top companies thrive by giving everything away for free, and learn the ingenious strategies that keep users hooked, loyal, and spending.

In this captivating and insightful book, you’ll explore:

  • Freemium business models that turn freebies into fortunes
  • Gamification techniques that drive user engagement and retention
  • Monetization strategies used by industry leaders to generate massive revenue
  • Real-world examples of successful products and services
  • Expert advice for product designers, entrepreneurs, and anyone curious about the world of gamification and monetization

Whether you’re a product designer looking to level up your skills or simply fascinated by how your favorite apps and services rake in billions, “Insert Coin to Play” will take you on a thrilling deep-dive into the world of freemium design, gamification, and monetization strategies.

Choose this powerful guide to understanding the secrets behind successful products and services, and uncover the winning strategies that will elevate your product in the world of digital services. “Insert Coin to Play” is your ticket to success in the realm of freemium gamification and monetization. Don’t miss out – start leveling up today!