Innovating in Healthcare: Creating Breakthrough Services, Products, and Business Models


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Author: Herzlinger, Regina E
Publication Date: 01/25/2023
Publisher: Wiley
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book


Create breakthrough services, products, and business models

Innovating in Healthcare offers effective approaches for designing, reworking, and implementing innovative healthcare services, products, and business models. It will help anyone working in healthcare service or product development, from hospitals to startups, to question the status quo in healthcare and implement new solutions that lower costs while increasing both quality and access.

Globally, healthcare faces a threefold crisis of unsustainable economics, erratic quality, and unequal access. Just in the U.S., healthcare accounted for 18% of the 2017 GDP and will likely reach nearly 20% by 2025, while hospital-induced deaths have skyrocketed, and tens of millions of people remain uninsured. This book will focus on creating the innovations in healthcare that can meet these needs.

  • Written by the world’s leading authority on healthcare innovation
  • Includes success stories in every segment of the health care sector
  • Presents and applies the Six Factors in the environment that critically affect healthcare innovation
  • Guides the reader through tailoring a business plan specifically for the new business

Designed for healthcare executives, providers, and degree students, Innovating in Healthcare is a comprehensive guide for maximizing the viability of a new healthcare product, service, or business.