Increased productivity when machining with high feed inserts


SKU: 9786207496976
Author: Ferreira, Alex Carvalho
Publication Date: 04/30/2024
Publisher: Our Knowledge Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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The paper presents a study carried out on a production/ machining line for Hub parts: a mechanical component where “propellers” or “blades” are connected to wind turbine or aero generator equipment that uses energy from the kinetic energy of the wind, as well as the productivity level of these parts. The study was carried out in a machining company, i.e. in the field, in the form of a case study where, by making a simple management decision, it was possible to increase the production efficiency of Hub parts, reduce costs and the rate of losses in the process and, consequently, put the company in a more competitive position in the market. The results of the study indicate that it is possible to increase the production of Hub parts, without the need for production managers to invest in new equipment or increase the workforce in the process evaluated.