In Plain Sight: Public Art in Philadelphia


SKU: 9781680980387
Author: Hille, Ed
Publication Date: 11/12/2020
Publisher: Camino Books
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book


Philadelphia has thousands of public artworks”€”more than any other city in America. Ed Hille has 40 years of experience as an award-winning photographer. In Plain Sight brings the two together”€”the dedicated artist and a spectacular subject.

Throughout the city”€”in business districts, industrial zones, residential neighborhoods”€”eye-catching sculptures and murals form a backdrop to Philadelphians’ everyday pursuits. In the words of the Association for Public Art, the city offers “art for everyone, anytime,” and people experience it in a multitude of ways. To reflect this integration of art and life, Ed Hille’s photographs capture the artworks not as isolated pieces, but in the midst of human interaction. “Life,” he writes, “simply moves around them.”

For 18 months, Hille journeyed around the city, day and night, shooting and reshooting to gather his striking images. In these pages he presents the collection simply, with small captions, allowing the photographs to speak for themselves. T