Improve your English with Word Search Puzzles: Advanced Vocabulary with Short Definitions Included, Volume 1


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Author: Georgiou, Eleni Maria
Publication Date: 12/03/2020
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Improve your English with Word Search Puzzles!

This book features over 1000 vocabulary words in 60 Word Search puzzles.

Short definitions for each word are included in alphabetical order in the back of the book.


Improved Communication

Saying or writing in an email ‘what you mean’ is mostly dependent upon a good vocabulary base. Thinking about and then using the right words when talking or writing will make you a more effective communicator, a very sought after skill in today’s world where we are all connected and communicating verbally and in writing all the time.

Better Quality Writing

Having a good vocabulary to draw from can help you write more effectively. Whether you need to write a report/presentation for work, or a paper for a class, you’ll need to tap into a richer vocabulary of words that we don’t use in conversation on a day-to-day basis.

Success at Work

Johnson O’Connor, an American researcher and educator, found that the best single predictor of occupational success is a person’s vocabulary level. Therefore, to be more successful at work you must improve your vocabulary.

Understanding and Enjoying What you’re Reading

Improving your vocabulary skills will allow you to understand the books and articles that you read. Since you won’t have to reach for the dictionary so often, you’ll spend more time reading, making you a faster reader than before.

Now is the time to improve your English vocabulary, the world’s second most popular language.

This book also makes a great gift.

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