impact of antibiotic residues in meat products


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Author: Balo, Komlavi Agbémébia
Publication Date: 07/31/2023
Publisher: Our Knowledge Publishing
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Media: Book
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The study on the control and health risks of the presence of antibiotic residues in foodstuffs of animal origin was carried out with the aim of contributing to consumer health safety. Samples of meat and eggs were taken in six markets, and of fish in five cold stores in Lomé, to test for antibiotic residues. A total of 382 samples were analyzed, comprising 300 fish samples, 52 chicken meat samples and 30 egg samples. The overall result of the study was that: 10.21% of all samples tested positive for antibiotic residues, with 9.33% of fish samples, 11.53% of meat samples and 16.67% of egg samples. This situation calls these foodstuffs into question, especially as they were taken directly from the commercial circuit for human consumption, in view of the health risks associated with these residues.