Hypothesis-Driven Development: A Guide to Smarter Product Management


SKU: 9781944627195
Author: Cowan, Alex
Publication Date: 09/21/2022
Publisher: Cook & McDouglas
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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There’s a lot of waste in tech. Billions of dollars of it. Software gets written and digital products designed and shipped that no one wants. Some say it’s “just a part of doing the business of innovation” in hot new markets.

But waste is not inevitable anymore.

Hypothesis-Driven Development (HDD) is an emerging approach to digital product management for both business people and engineers. It emphasizes rigorous, continuous experimentation as a way to both minimize waste and focus teams’ creative capabilities in directions that drive growth and innovation.

In this book, Alex Cowan delivers a fresh new formula that helps teams reliably derive measurable value for a product or feature. Rather than focusing on mere output, successful tech leaders (and companies) are using HDD to build smarter. Drive a culture of continuous experimentation and continuous delivery, and create the outcomes you want with HDD.

Using a modern, evidence-based approach and a focus on the economics of decisions, Cowan guides today’s business leaders towards creative confidence and fluency across the product development process. Work with your development team to deliver code securely, confidently, and with value-adds. Use modern, cutting edge practices to drive growth, minimize waste, and innovate.

You can deliver business value and create great digital products. This book will show you how.