Human Factors in Consumer Products


SKU: 9780748406036
Editor: Stanton, Neville A
Publication Date: 12/10/1997
Publisher: CRC Press
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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The design of consumer products has a central role in its potential for contributing to a healthier living and working space. However, too often consumers are only aware of the designers’ role when bad practice manifestly exacerbates the easy application of basic functionality. This important book places human factors perspective firmly at the centre of good practice in consumer product design, encouraging rigorous human factors evaluation and methodology as an essential component of the design process.
The book’s central theme is to introduce human factors techniques to consumer product design and the efficacy of the approach is illustrated with several case studies from a diverse variety of products. Products addressed range from scissors to strimers, from pens to power tools, from kettles to cookers, from radio-cassettes to rucksacks, adn from razors to VCRs. Techniques brought to bear on the devices include: checklists, hierarchical task analysis, observations, interviews, error prediction, questionnaires, guidelines, focus groups, simulations and user trials.
Key Features:
* Foreword by Sean Blair of the Design Council
* Valuable resource for professionals, academics and students in both human factors engineering and design
* Fosters an approach which integrates the skills of both professions in a successful approach to consumer product design
* Includes plenty of examples throughout the book