How to Set a Competitive Price: Putting a Value on Your Offering Your Product’s Ideal Pricing Methods


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Author: Winkler, Sasha
Publication Date: 05/25/2023
Publisher: Blurb
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Businesses that concentrate on the value-rather than the cost-to the client can demand almost any price they want. Pricing for Profit educates business owners how to break free from industry pricing and secure compensation that accurately reflects the value of the good or service being provided. The value of their goods or services will be quantified, price and value buyers will be distinguished, offers will be bundled for a competitive edge and increased customer value, and a strong marketing strategy that conveys value will be developed by readers. Small businesses’ potential to make a profit is constrained by the low pricing they feel forced to offer, which also slows their response to shifting customer demands. Anyone who wishes to increase unit sales, finish more deals overall at higher prices, and earn more money with less needless work must read this approachable and useful advice. It is jam-packed with helpful calculations, sample scripts, understandable examples, educational exercises, and more.