How to Innovate on Purpose: Chase Fewer Ideas. Build Better Products.


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Author: Pierson, Diane
Publication Date: 11/07/2023
Publisher: Innovate on Purpose
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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It’s time to reinvent what “market driven” means.

How to Innovate on Purpose is a how-to manual for prioritizing the right opportunities, wasting less time in meetings and building better products by actually working less. For every stressed-out, overworked, but still optimistic product manager and marketer in the tech industry: It’s time to stop chasing every big idea and find the right idea.It’s time to stop wasting cycles second-guessing prioritization decisions.

It’s time to do actionable market research – and use it.It’s time to Innovate on Purpose.Diane Pierson, a product management and marketing leader, advisor, and instructor, lays out five practical steps to align your team on the best bets for you and your customers:

  • Define innovation and your role in achieving it to laser-focus your work.
  • Fill market knowledge gaps without extra budget or resources.
  • Uncover the “right idea” leadership will fund and the market will buy.
  • Energize your cross-functional team with actionable and inspiring market insights.
  • Build unleavable innovation into every facet of your product.
  • Make these changes wherever you sit in the organization – you don’t have to be an executive to innovate on purpose.

How to Innovate on Purpose guides you through doable workflow changes that galvanize your ability to create and market amazing, unleavable products your customers will love.