How to have Calmness: A practical guide to maintaining calmness and productivity in anxious times

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Author: J Green, Eric
Publication Date: 01/04/2023
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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A toolbox of simple, scientifically supported tactics that show how the way to a less stressed existence, and even higher productivity, leads straight through the calm.When Eric J.Green found that he had been overwhelmed and burned out as a result of pushing himself too hard, he understood that he needed to learn how to reign things down and take a breather before he could continue to provide productivity advice. Productivity advice is effective-and we need it now more than ever-but it is equally critical that we build our capacity for calm.
We don’t simply feel more comfortable and at ease when we achieve peace and overcome worry; we engage in the missing element that leads our efforts to become sustainable over time. We create a larger, more broad reservoir of energy to draw from throughout the day, as well as more mental resources to accomplish an excellent job and live a meaningful life.
What you’d learn in this book:
¶ The need for calmness
¶ Dealing with anxiety through calmness.
¶ Thriving through calmness
¶ Maintaining calmness and productivity
¶ keeping calm like successful people
The pursuit of calm eventually leads us to become more involved, focused, and deliberate-all while increasing our productivity and satisfaction with our lives. In an anxious environment, investing in serenity may be the finest productivity technique available.
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