How To Do The Work: Discover The Trick To Being Incredibly Productive Yet Have Plenty of Time For Fun


SKU: 9781804280027
Author: Lewis, Robin
Publication Date: 01/31/2023
Publisher: Readers First Publishing Ltd
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Have you ever wondered why no matter how much time you end up working, that your paycheck never seems to rise? That your income and finance seems to be stagnant? Or have you ever wondered, for those of you who have ventured into creating a second or third stream of income on the side, that you might actually spend lesser on those activities and earn a bigger income in proportion to the time you actually spent to run those side businesses? Life is a marathon, not a sprint. If we sprint through life, we will miss all the amazing sights along the way. We will miss the fine details that make the journey worth taking. Similarly, our personal development and growth is also a marathon, not a sprint. We should all keep that in perspective when we approach any new project or endeavour. Only then can we truly make a lasting difference in the areas of our lives that matters to us most. I challenge you to work harder than everybody else around you and have an insane work ethic. Grind it out every single day, put in the hours that is necessary until you succeed and work your face off. Dont settle for anything less and remove distractions that suck out your time. If you outwork everyone every single day, you will eventually come out on top no matter how talented your competition might be. Just give it your best and never give up.