How To Develop Drug Products


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Author: Kulahci, Murat Menon, Anil
Publication Date: 04/22/2023
Publisher: Datanumerix LLC
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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How can you unlock the power of experimental design thinking to develop drug products?

How do you digest data using tabular and graphical analyses?

Which mnemonics help you to recall design and analysis tools?

How to Develop Drug Products shows a practical road map to apply experimental designs within a sequential framework. The 15 case studies, 2 mnemonics, templates, and a rhyme will harness your ability to problem solve effectively.

Experimental design and analysis the authors reveal promote an investigative mindset and answer ‘what to do next’ in realizing your goals.

Equally startling is the author’s journey through the common mistakes in the design and analysis of experiments.

Armed with an improved ability to approach development systematically, the methods will strengthen your drug development process.