How to Determine the Right Price for Your Product or Service: The Best Pricing Strategies for Your Product


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Author: Winkler, Sasha
Publication Date: 05/25/2023
Publisher: Blurb
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Businesses that focus on the value-rather than the cost-to the customer can command nearly any price they choose. Pricing for Profit teaches business owners how to break free from industry pricing and obtain pay that reflects the genuine worth of the product or service being delivered. Readers will discover how to quantify the worth of their products or services, differentiate between price and value purchasers, bundle their offers for competitive advantage and enhanced customer value, and create a powerful marketing strategy that communicates value. The low prices that small firms feel obligated to offer limit their potential to earn profits, slowing their reaction to changing client needs. This accessible and practical guide is a must-read for anyone who wants to create more unit sales, close more transactions overall at higher prices, and make more money with less unneeded effort. It is filled with easy-to-use formulas, sample scripts, clear examples, instructive exercises, and more.