House Precinct Territory: Design Strategies for the Productive City


SKU: 9781957183640
Editor: Luna Rafael Yim, Dongwooo Doyle, John Crist Graham Micheli, Silvia
Publication Date: 09/01/2023
Publisher: Oro Editions
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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The book departs from a reflection on contemporary issues of environmental and social sustainability.

With buildings and cities been one of the primary accelerators of climate change, the tightening of urban environments is one of the mechanisms by which architects and urban planners can affect change. To date, models of urban densification and compact cities have been focused on sites of urban consumption–residential, commercial, civic and social spaces. Little thought has been given to the vast productive hinterlands around the world that support cities, through the growing of food, generation of power, production of goods and disposal of waste.

Working through three scales of analysis, across three cities in the Asia Pacific Region, and deploying varying design research techniques ranging from critical observation to speculative scenario modelling, the book presents a series of projects that seek to retro-fit an existing urban environment with a productive program.
The purpose of this project is to describe a series of models for the folding of production into our cities, with ambition of consolidating all components of human inhabitation within a smaller overall physical and environmental footprint.