Honest Conversations: Important Questions Americans Should Ask Their Financial Advisor to Have More Productive Conversations


SKU: 9780983174837
Author: Rosenberg, Dan
Publication Date: 12/28/2023
Publisher: Hurricane Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Honest Conversations a book to help Americans have more productive conversations with their advisors to achieve financial independence. Mr. Rosenberg has been helping families and the businesses they own achieve their planning goals for over 35 years. As a product manufacturing and distribution executive, he worked directly with Portfolio Managers, Analysts, and thousands of financial planning professionals during the investment management process. This book helps the retail investing public focus on the best topics to spend their time on during planning sessions, as well as the most valuable questions to ask during these sessions. Through thousands of conversations with clients and other financial advisors, Mr. Rosenberg has come up with topics which are most salient for Americans to achieve financial independence.

Honest Conversations explains what a professional analyst and portfolio manager’s jobs are, the hard-work and amazing skill set the due diligence process takes, and why this is relevant in the planning process for your family. Focus your time on building a solid plan to achieve financial independence, self-sufficiency, and address the goals which you can make impactful decisions on. Honest Conversations addresses topics the American public needs to focus on like Long Term Care Insurance (only about 3 1/2 % have it and over 70% will need it), Guaranteed income for Life Annuities (there are estimates that the Social Security Trust Fund will be depleted by the mid 2030’s, so you will need to find another guaranteed stream of income for your lifetime), Roth IRA Conversions, and dozens of topics you should be discussing with your advisory team.

Great financial advisors are facilitators of relationships with other niche professionals to help clients achieve their planning goals, so pick your advisor team wisely. This book provides great insight into how the best financial advisors help their clients, as well as how the average American can ask better questions to achieve their financial goals.