Historical Evolution of the Eastern Mode of Production


SKU: 9781032336053
Author: Jiaxiang, Zhao
Publication Date: 06/13/2022
Publisher: Routledge
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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In the four volumes of The Development Trajectory of Eastern Societies and the Theories and Practices of Socialism, the author re-examines Marx and Engels’ theories on the development trajectory of Eastern societies by integrating theoretical analysis of Marxist theories and a historical investigation of socialist revolution and socialist construction around the world.

This second volume focuses on Marx and Engels’ historical materialism, explains the general laws of historical development, and brings this to bear within the context of Eastern societies. The author notes that Marx and Engels’ historical materialism and its derivative theories on Eastern societies are compatible and interconnected. In addition, he reveals how Marx and Engels’ theory of the “Asiatic mode of production” plays an important part in the development trajectory of Eastern societies, and is closely related to their theory of “five social forms.”

This volume is a key reference for readers who study and are interested in Marxism, Marxist philosophy, and the history of philosophy.